Just 6 Continents Pro

Just6ContinentsSplash2xThis app teaches geography by presenting a country’s flag over a world map with 6 buttons each representing a continent that contains countries. Of course, there are 7 continents, but Antarctica has no countries, so it is not included in the choice list.IMG_0691

Once a choice is made, the flag disappears, and a flashing red marker shows where on the world map that country lies. There are 179 countries total, and 12 are shown randomly in any one game.

If the player gets all 12 correct, a special congratulations is displayed.

The app is a universal version, so it plays on iPads & iPhones.iPadProFinish

This app is a challenge for most adults as well as children. See if YOU can score better than your child does!

Have fun learning geography!




Reading yields 15%. Watching yields 25%. Interactive curricula yields 85%.