Just 6 Numbers!

Pic5_640x1136This app teaches the user to quickly remember the multiplication tables from 6’s to 9’s.

Pic1_640x1136There are 12 combinations from 6 x 7 to 9 x 8 (not including squares) that can be troublesome when learning multiplication tables. When a flash card is presented with a math problem, the user touches the correct answer (one of six buttons on the screen during the game) as quickly as possible.

If the user presses the correct answer, the game presents a green rectangle in the score card and moves on. If the user presses the incorrect answer, the correct answer lights up, and a red rectangle is presented for that position on the score card.

Pic2_640x1136If the user gets all 12 combinations correct, their time to complete is shown on the final score screen.Pic3_640x1136 Pic4_640x1136

Reading yields 15%. Watching yields 25%. Interactive curricula yields 85%.