Laser Typing®

Laser Typing® is the fastest way to learn to type.

Using Finger-Feelies™ to help locate student fingers on the appropriate home-row keys, and stereo sound to help overcome dyslexia issues, this typing tutor program is unlike any other typing program at any price!

Fingers are color-coded, and this 90+ lesson program is fun to play. That is what keeps kids (and adults learning to type)  playing more and more.

The score in words-per-minute is displayed, along with a real-time guage showing the player whether they are speeding up or slowing down.

The tutorial is embedded in the program, and is graphically enhanced to help deliver the “how-to” of the game in only a couple of minutes.

Kids using Laser Typing® have learned to type beyond 30 words per minute in less than 30 days of use.

Reading yields 15%. Watching yields 25%. Interactive curricula yields 85%.