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New Games About to Appear!

Two new apps are under development now. Just 6 Colors Has many interesting facts about the six colors (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, violet). Just 6 Decades Asks over 100 questions that YOU pick the decade in which they happened.

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NEW “Just 6” Games Available!

The developers at POD-Education have been busy writing NEW apps for your edutainment! Just 6 Continents Pro – teaches the flags of the world, and on what continent you can find 179 countries! (We know there are 7 continents, but Antarctica has no countries). Just 6 Pieces – teaches the basics of the chess board & the pieces of antiquity …

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More Countries Around the World Using LaserTyping!

Add Denmark, Oman, and Spain to the list of countries where people are learning to type faster! LaserTyping continues to spread as its irresistible sound and activity lures more and more students into its trap of LEARNING! I recently watched a 39 year-old sit down to check out the program. She was immediately hooked, and constantly attempting to improve her …

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Laser Typing User Video 01

Here is 0ur first video of a young girl learning to type with LaserTyping®. In only a few minutes she is going from single letter to multi-letter strokes without additional instruction from the program.

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Laser Typing® Now World-Wide!

The Laser Typing® program has been purchased by typing students all over the world including: Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Germany, Russia, Malta, Korea, Kuwait, Brazil, UK, Poland, Qatar, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, and of course, all over the United States.

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